Valentine’s Day Apps


Valentine’s Day in the year 2015 has a lot of options from previous years. We still have the desire or obligation to buy the cards and flowers or go out for a nice dinner together. But we all like to use are smart phone to help us find what we are looking for so I have listed a few apps that are helpful and fun.

1-800 flowers- Free To have some flowers delivered.

Groupon – Free You can find a variety of coupons or discounted prices on a Valentine gift.

Love Quotes – Free  For when you need to find the right thing to say in the right moment. This app is geared toward women but even men can find some truly cheesy and awesome things to say with this app.

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts – Free  It speaks for itself

Valentine’s Day Greetings HD – Free  Is sort of an all-in-one app. Within the app are a series of wallpapers, greetings, and quotes that you casino can use to adorn your home screen with hearts or send messages to loved ones. It also features a countdown timer to the big day.

Valentine’s Day LW – .99 If you want your phone to look a little flashier for Valentine’s Day, live wallpapers are always a good option and Valentine’s Day online casino LW is one of the best. It features nice, dark backgrounds with some interesting graphics. It looks good, the heart in the middle is customizable, and it’s cheap.

Valentine’s Day Live Wallpaper – .99 If you do want something that’s a little more colorful and cluttered, Valentine’s Day Live 210-260 iins dumps Wallpaper is a good option. On top of being festively colorful, the heart is customizable by adding photos of your significant other or your family. This is a fun way to customize your device for V-Day if you’re into that sort of thing and it’s always nice seeing that person that makes you smile whenever you turn the phone on during a holiday. There is a free and paid option, so you can try it before you buy it.

Valentine’s Day Photo Frame – Free Before smartphone cameras, Valentine’s Day was still a day for photos. You go out with your significant other, take a nice photo, put it in a nice frame, and that’s that. These days, V-Day photos are still as prevalent as ever and with an app like this, you can make them look even better. This is great for making photos look extra special and especially good if you intend on posting pictures on social media. It’s also totally free with no in app purchases.