Top 12 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Property Manager

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Property Manager:  Saves you time, work and stress.

  1. You don”t have to advertise and show the property.  Professional Property Managers are dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost.  They want your real estate investment to be successful, not a failure.
  2. You don”t have to screen applications, execute a rental agreement, worry about adding addendum”s, online casino canada fill out the move-in inspection report, and deposit money.
  3. You don”t have tenants calling at all hours of the day and night, confront tenants on tough issues like collecting rent casino or taking better care of the property.
  4. You don”t have to collect NSF checks, serve legal notices or start an eviction.
  5. You don”t have to schedule and fill out the move-out inspection report.
  6. You don”t have to schedule the tenants accounting report and refund check.
  7. You don”t have to worry about the property or be shocked by its condition when you hire a Professional Property Manager.
  8. You don”t have to hire someone to clean, paint or make repairs.
  9. Your leasing and management fees are minimal compared to potential loss and/or legal issues.
  10. Professional Property Managers are up to date with current required property codes and Fair Housing Laws.