Spring Cleaning Time!

11 Things You Need to Throw Out This Spring

March 12, 2017by MACY CATE WILLIAMS

So your house is kind of a hot mess. Have no fear, it’s prime Spring cleaning time and the first step to organization is decluttering. We have compiled the 11 items you need to get rid of this Spring in order to live a productive life for the rest of the year. Your goal is to throw out these things before Spring is over! You will feel amazing, we promise.

1 Towels and Dish Rags

Towels lose their absorbency after two years, so get rid of those extra ones you have had forever. They don’t even work very well!

2 Old Makeup

Find out when your makeup expires and make sure to get rid of any old items. You don’t want to rub bad cosmetics all over your face!

3 Food

Go through your fridge and discard of any food that’s expired or you know you’ll never eat. Do the same in your pantry.

4 Notebooks

Whether you have notebooks from college or work piling up, it’s time to throw them away. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of all those notes, but they’re just taking up space.

5 Cables and Cords

There’s nothing more frustrating than a tangled mess of cords balled up in the corner of a box. Get rid of any that you haven’t needed in a year.

6 Magazines

It can be hard to let go of magazines, but they can really pile up. Plus, they become irrelevant after a couple months of having them.

7 Electronics

If an electronic is outdated, get rid of it! You have no need for CDs and tapes either.

8 Expired Medicine

You definitely don’t want to take old medicine — it doesn’t work. Check the expiration dates on the bottles and trash the old stuff.

9 Junk Mail

It’s so easy to let envelopes pile up in your junk drawer. Go through all of them, tear them up if you need to, and recycle.

10 Toothbrush

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your toothbrush, toss it! You should buy a new one every three months.

11 Gift Wrap

Wrapping paper just gets crinkled and torn the longer you keep it, and that makes presents look tacky. Recycle it and save some space!