Proactive Solutions to Maintenance Concerns at Texas Homes Realty

Proactive Solutions to Maintenance Concerns: A Tenant’s Perspective

At Texas Homes Realty & Management, our slogan “Building Partnerships, One Home At A Time” isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s a commitment. We recently received feedback regarding concerns about a garbage disposal unit and a garage door in one of our managed properties. We want to address this openly and ensure our community that we are on top of it.

One of our valued tenants reported malfunctioning garbage disposal and described the garage door as being noisy and occasionally uneven on its track. We understand the importance of these issues, especially when it comes to the safety and comfort of our residents.

We acknowledge that there has been a delay in addressing these concerns. Our maintenance technician has been informed, and we’re expediting the process to rectify these problems. We’re evaluating the need for a new garbage disposal unit and are arranging for a specialist to inspect and repair the garage door.

Furthermore, we’re implementing measures to improve our communication channels. We encourage all our tenants to use our service request form for a more streamlined reporting process.

Your safety and satisfaction are paramount. Thank you for your patience, and we’re dedicated to making Texas Homes the place you’re proud to call home.

Photo of a technician from Texas Homes Realty working diligently on fixing a garage door from the inside, surrounded by tools and equipment. The technician should be wearing a uniform with the company logo visible, emphasizing professionalism and expertise.