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Welcome to another informative blog post from Texas Homes Realty & Management, where we’re all about “Building Partnerships, One Home At A Time.” Today, we’re tackling an issue that many property owners face but often overlook: wildlife problems. Whether it’s raccoons in the attic or squirrels gnawing on the wires, wildlife can cause significant damage to your property and disturb your tenants.

1. Secure Trash Bins

One of the primary attractions for wildlife is an easily accessible food source. Make sure to use trash bins with secure lids to prevent animals from rummaging through the garbage.

2. Install Motion-Activated Lights

Animals prefer to move in the dark. Installing motion-activated lights around the property can serve as an effective deterrent.

3. Use Wildlife Repellents

There are various sprays and granules designed to repel wildlife. However, make sure to choose a humane and environmentally friendly option.

4. Regular Property Inspections

Conduct regular inspections to identify and seal any potential entry points for wildlife. This includes checking for holes in the roof, walls, and foundation.

5. Maintain the Landscape

Overgrown bushes and trees can provide a perfect hiding spot for animals. Keep your landscape well-maintained to remove any potential habitats.

6. Install Fencing

A sturdy fence can prevent larger animals like deer or coyotes from entering the property. Make sure it’s high enough so that animals can’t easily jump over it.

7. Educate Tenants

Inform your tenants about the importance of not feeding wildlife and properly securing their food items.

8. Professional Pest Control

For persistent problems, consider hiring a professional pest control service that specializes in wildlife removal.

9. Monitor Water Sources

Eliminate any standing water around the property, as it can attract various types of wildlife.

10. Consult Local Authorities

If you’re facing a severe wildlife issue, it may be beneficial to consult local animal control or wildlife agencies for advice and assistance.


Wildlife problems can be more than just a nuisance; they can lead to significant property damage and safety risks. By implementing these 10 strategies, you can effectively manage and prevent wildlife issues in your rental property.

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A collage featuring a well-maintained rental property alongside images of common wildlife like raccoons and squirrels
A collage featuring a well-maintained rental property alongside images of common wildlife like raccoons and squirrels