Why Houston is the Best City for Graduates

One of the more stressful parts of the graduation process is being able to DP-200 dumps find a suitable job in an area with an affordable living cost. These two characteristics are not always easy to find together in one place. However, if you are a recent graduate hoping to reside in Houston, you’re in luck!

Based on cities in which 10 percent or more of the housing market is affordable for new graduates, Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area has the highest median monthly income among the top job markets. According to MONEY, the city’s median monthly income came up to be $3,188 with over 18 percent affordable listings for recent grads MS-100 dumps as well as more than 16 percent grad-friendly job postings.

While some cities are able to offer a substantial amount of graduate-friendly jobs and some provide affordable housing, Houston is one of the few cities that is able to provide it all.


Houston is the best city for new graduates