Ten Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Throwing Thanksgiving dinner is no easy task and should never go unappreciated. If you are lucky enough to attend a Thanksgiving bash thrown by someone else this year, make sure you show some serious gratitude for your host! The possibilities are endless and every host is unique, so try to find something uniquely special!

If you aren’t sure what to bring and aren’t that creative, never fear! Here are ten of the most traditional (and widely appreciated) host gifts.

Ten Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

Wine, Liquor and or Champagne

Nothing brings holiday cheer like a big bottle of the host’s favorite spirit! After the stress of preparing a huge meal, settling in with a glass of wine or toasting with a glass of champagne is the perfect end to the holiday.

Appetizer, side dish, or dessert

Thanksgiving requires A LOT of food which takes A LOT of time to prepare. Cut your host a break and arrange beforehand for you to bring a dish to the party.


After slaving away in the kitchen all day on Thanksgiving, the last place the host wants to return is the kitchen. Supply them with an easy “just add coffee” breakfast. Banana bread, assorted muffins, and doughnuts are all great options!

Personalized gift

If you know your host pretty well, get them a little present they will love. Just a little token to say “thank you”, you don’t have to go all out with an expensive and luxurious present.

Gift Basket

Whether it is pre-made or home-made, gift baskets are a great way to show someone how grateful you are. From wines and cheese, assorted fruits or candies, I’m sure you can find something your host will love!

Seasonal Coffee

Bring some delicious seasonal coffee for everyone to enjoy after dinner! The coffee will help combat the impending sleepiness that comes after a quality Thanksgiving meal and will be a great festive treat for everyone! If you aren’t driving, don’t be afraid to add a little spiced liquor into your coffee to keep in the holiday spirit!

A Camera

Unless you are Daddy Warbucks, I’m not saying give your host a camera as a gift. Show up to the party equipped with a camera and make yourself in charge of capturing all the holiday fun! The host might be too busy entertaining and cooking, so make sure they don’t miss any of the memories!

Chocolates/ candies

Everyone has a sweet tooth, so take advantage of it. A box of chocolates or candies can be a great addition to any Thanksgiving feast.


Bringing flowers to the host is an old tradition that never goes out of style. Flowers are a great way to show appreciation and say thanks. The host might even make them into a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece for the table!

Not sure? Ask!

Still not sure what to bring? Don’t panic, feel free to ask the host prior to the holiday what you can bring to help out. This way you can ensure you’ll bring the perfect gift!

From all of us here at Zippylife, Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!