Spring Maintenance



With Winter winding down and Spring coming on, we understand the importance of staying comfortable inside your home. A/C’s should be checked before the system changes from heat to cool.  In Texas we are constantly changing from heat to cool and back again.  Lint, dirt, and filth build up is inevitable with inside to outside traffic.  The A/C filter must be changed on a regular basis so that the coils remain open and air flow is not restricted.  Not changing the filter on a regular basis not only affects the functionality of the unit, but also will run your utility bill up. https://www.real4exam.com/100-105.html In the busy world we live in, most tenants are off to work early in the morning, get home after 6 PM.  A heat wave hit while you were at work and the A/C has not been checked.  The empty house has sat all day with the A/C unit on heat and when you arrive back home it is 85 degrees inside.

You turn the A/C on and oops it won’t come on.


Lighting is a very important feature in a home.  When purchasing light bulbs, cheaper is not always best.  High intensity lighting can be very costly when it comes to your electric bill. NEVER put an over wattage bulb in a fixture.  Most sockets are designed for no more than 40-60 watt bulbs.  Putting more than the recommended wattage can cause damage to the fixture and even fires.

Oil Leaks on Drive Ways

Usually oil leaks on a vehicle are not found until it is too late.  If you have an older vehicle or your vehicle has leaks that you are aware of, do yourself a favor and place card board under where you park your vehicle so the leak is not directed onto concrete. This is a costly mess that can cost the tenant hundreds of dollars to remove.  Even then, the stain left is not totally removable.  Cardboard is very inexpensive preventative course of action.


Maintaining a yard is a small thing when watered, weeded, mowed (not below 4 inches) and edged on a regular basis.  It really makes for a nice neighborly gesture not to mention it shows your commitment and practice it take to home ownership.  If the yard is not maintained on a regular basis the cost to the tenant of restoring the yard back to normal can be astronomical.  A normal replacement of sod can be in the range of $2000 or more.  Cutting the grass below 4 inches allows weeds to germinate and take over a yard.  When weeds are cut, the seeds are strewn over the yard and even more pop up. https://www.real4exam.com/300-210.html It is always best to pull weeds instead of cutting them.

Home Depot and Lowes are excellent resources when you have questions about any aspect of your home.  Most of the Department Heads have been involved in home construction or home maintenance at some point in their lives.  They are always willing to answer any questions you have about your home and they love sharing their knowledge.

Compliments of On Sight Pros Inspection