Spring Cleaning Checklist

Fences – look for any warped, worn, broken or missing pickets, as well as any fences that may be leaning.
Please also check your gates for damage to latches and hinges.

Missing Grass – evaluate your front yard for patchy or bare areas. If there is a large tree in your front yard,
have a landscaping professional determine if thinning of the limbs may be beneficial to support grass regrowth.

Tree/Bush Trimming -work with a professional to assess the proper trimming for your specific type of trees and

Dead Landscaping/Foliage – remove and replace any dead plant matter with the same species of plant.
This includes any dead trees, bushes, or other plant vegetation and dead leaves.

Mold/Mildew and Paint on Exterior of Home – inspect all sides of your home to determine if pressure
washing or repainting may need to be performed.

Clutter/Debris/Trash Cans/Recycling Receptacles – no items are allowed to be stored within view of the front or side of homes within a homeowner’s community. This includes but is not limited to trash receptacles (with the exception of being at the curb on trash days only), building material, tires, BBQ Grills or other items.