Do you plan on living there for at least three years?

Do you have a budget, good credit and emergency savings?

Do you have enough for the down payment and related expenses?

Do you have steady income?

Can you cover the recurring cost of owning a home?

Renting May Be Your Best Choice for Now

Answering “No” to any of these questions means renting is better for you right now. Changes in your life or financial readiness could make you more prepared for becoming a home buyer in the future.

Do you have a steady income?

Your mortgage application will include a review of your income to make sure you have stable employment that will allow you to meet your loan obligations. If you rely on commissions or bonuses, make sure those are sustainable for the near future.

If you’re moving again in the near future …

USAA® Money Manager can help you track your daily spending and keep your budget on track
Find out when buying a home makes sense.

Can you cover the recurring costs of owning a home?

Plan for expenses you could face in addition to your monthly home payments. Be sure to consider costs such as homeowners insurance, property taxes, maintenance and upkeep and utility costs. Be sure you understand the costs of owning a home and determine what you can afford to spend monthly on housing expenses

If you’re moving again in the near future …

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If you buy, you’ll need to set up an emergency fund for any maintenance and repair expenses on your home. USAA® Money Manager can help you budget for recurring costs