Refrigerator/Freezer Home Tip

To keep your refrigerator running smoothly and help extend the life span of your appliance put into practice the following tips:


Keep the refrigerator front grill free of dust to allow free airflow to the condenser.


Clean the condenser coils with a brush or vacuum. REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE REFRIGERATOR WHEN CLEANING THE COILS.


Pull the refrigerator from the wall and clean the floor where the refrigerator sits. Also clean the plug of dust and dirt.


Clean the interior, exterior and overhead of the refrigerator with warm water and a mild soap solution. This also applies to the interior of your freezer.


Check the fresh food and condiments in the refrigerator for an expiration date. Also check your freezer for old frozen items. Be sure to toss old food and staples past the expiration date to keep the interior smelling clean.