HOA Violations

Most HOA Violations received are items that can be easily avoided.  There are 5 top violations that are issued monthly:

–          Lawn Maintenance (Mow, Edge and Weed)

–          Trash Cans (Keep out of Public View on non-trash days)

–          Oil Stains (Remove Stains on Driveway)

–          Vehicles (Remove/Repair non-operative vehicles in driveway/street)

–          Fences (Repair/Replace Broken or Missing Pickets)

Try keeping your lawn maintenance on a schedule as to when it should be done.  Hiring a gardener could be helpful.  After trash is picked up, try remembering to take in the cans on your way in from work.  Oil stains can be difficult to remove after being there for a long period of time.  Kitty Litter is proven to help remove stains and if that doesn’t work some automotive stores carry products that may remove it.  Try keeping your vehicles maintained and should there be a time when it’s not operable, storing it in the garage or a storage facility will help in not receiving a violation for it.  On windy days the fences will sway.  Keep an eye on those pickets that you notice are loose or broken.  It is very inexpensive to replace a picket.  No one likes to receive violations and especially get fined for them.  Hopefully this will be of some assistance to help avoid those violations.