History Lesson of the Week: Harriet Tubman

As you may know, the month of February is Black History month. We would like to take the time to honor some of the African Americans who made a profound impact in history with a #HistoryLessonOfTheWeek

Starting today with Harriet Tubman –

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery in the early 1800’s living in harsh conditions and violence that affected her life drastically. She refused to settle for that type of life and found the courage to liberate herself and her loved ones. After settling in the north, she befriended both whites and blacks who supported and helped her arrange a transportation system for fugitive slaves. She eventually became the most famous conductor of the “Underground Railroad” and led over 300 slaves to freedom by taking at least 19 trips back and forth – risking her life with every trip. In her later life, even with little money to her name, she worked to house and feed the poor and became an important figure in the fight for women’s suffrage. Her good deeds will never be forgotten.

Be sure to look out for next weeks History Lesson!

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