Heating and Air Systems

With Winter almost over and spring on its way, its time to start thinking about your heating and air conditioners. So with the arrival of the new season, here are some tips that can help keep your house cool and your air conditioner running. Simple things like putting drapes on the windows (especially the sunny sides) will keep your house cooler and your electric bill smaller. Mini blinds and uncovered windows attract heat fast, so it is best to avoid having those. Even closed mini blinds are not always enough, because they tend to absorb and radiate heat rather than block it out.

Maintaining Your Home

Keep Your House Cool

Your A/C unit should also be taken care of, so that there are no hot Texas days in the future. Something noteworthy is that as the outside temperature becomes more than 90 degrees, your air conditioner will run during the afternoons for long periods and the times that it is not running will be short. This is actually not a bad thing, because the unit is designed to run more efficiently this way. When the unit performs a lot of short runs, it puts stress on the machine while at the same time hardly being effective. So it is nothing to stress over.

For homes that have multiple units, it is best to run them both at the same time for the units to work optimally. Having only one unit running does not save on the electric bill, but instead costs more because the unit runs harder and longer. Another way to keep the A/C units running smooth and efficient is to change the air filters every month. It is a small task that is sometimes over looked, but it can make a considerable difference. Also keeping the bedroom doors open will help air flow through the house and keep the A/C unit running smoothly. When rooms are sealed off, it makes it hard for the vents to push in cool air when then room has no where for the air to flow to. Lastly, when washing clothes, try to close the door to the utility room to prevent it from spreading heat to the rest of the house. Simple tips like these can keep your house in good condition and be ready for spring.