Get to Know the Neighborhood of Renters You are Serving

Here’s a surprisingly simple way to increase the value of your rental property: get to know the neighborhood!

The more involved you are, the easier it is to find areas of the community that you can help improve. Understanding and supporting the neighborhood you serve will also encourage others show pride in where they live.

Lead by example and get involved in activities like these.

–      Organize a neighborhood clean-up. If you have problem spots like a place where people dump tires and trash, rally a group and tackle that first. If your neighborhood is fairly clean, make it even better by planting flowers or a community garden. Be sure to provide water and refreshments, and encourage people to mingle!

–      Attend events. Try everything from Neighborhood Association meetings to block parties to book clubs to supper clubs. If you can’t find any events that already exist, start your own club or regular gathering, and post flyers or invite neighbors personally. The goal is to attend a variety of events so you can meet a cross-section of neighbors.

–      Socialize online. Many neighborhoods use Facebook, Twitter or Nextdoor to share information about concerns, community news and events. For the extrovert, posting on these sites is a great way to create a presence in the online community. For the more introverted, reading and commenting on others’ posts might be an easy way to stay involved in a subtle way.

–      Go to church. You may already be a member at a church you visit regularly, but it doesn’t hurt to attend different neighborhood churches as a guest. This is a great way to get to know neighbors of all ages. Pick a different church every month and see who you meet.

–      Volunteer your time. Many neighborhoods have community centers, children’s center and local non-profit organizations where you can get involved. Test out a few before you commit. Once you find one you like, you can keep it casual and help out at events, or dig in and, perhaps, join the board of directors.

–      Talk to the local kids. Here’s an idea for getting to know your rental community: hang out with the kids! Young people often know a lot about their neighborhood. Kids often have wonderful insight into their favorite neighbors — and what they love about where they live.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of being part of a larger community than where you personally live. Expand your social sphere to include the neighborhood of renters you are serving. To help manage your time and involvement, commit one day or one week per month for community activities. Mark it on your calendar and stick to it!


By Amber