Decorate to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home with These Tips!

Even if your home sweet rental home isn’t 100% your own, you can still make it feel like home by adding some personal touches to your decorating.

Read on to make your rental house more “you” in minutes!

It’s a good idea, of course, to check your lease or consult with your landlord or community manager before you make any permanent changes to your rental home.

Feature your friends
There’s no easier way to personalize your rental house than by putting up a boatload of photos of your friends and family. Why not try a new framing technique like getting photos printed on canvas with an easy service like CanvasPop or inviting your best buds to help you create handcrafted artwork? Painting parties likeSocial Artworking are a fun way to include your friends in your home decorating and a great excuse to get together. Combine your art party with your housewarming party to kill two creative birds with one stone!

Personalize with plants

Adding a living, breathing element to your rental home will make it feel homier in an instant. Incorporate your favorite plants into your decor to add a nice personal touch. Plus, you can enjoy watching your plants grow as you get settled into your new space. While indoor plants bring a pop of color to your interior, consider adding container plants to your porch, patio or window box. Creating a beautiful container can be a fun project that will make you smile every time you come home.

Get creative with camouflage

So far we’ve talked about adding your own personal touch to your rental house decor, but what if your new home is a little less attractive on the surface? Not to worry, just cover it up! If there is a spot you don’t like, camouflage it with something you really like. Create a temporary countertop cover with a pretty oilcloth, for instance.

When you see an area that is unappealing to you, get creative with your solutions to cover it up. If there’s a wall you’d like to dress up, try a little disguise with panel curtains. (You don’t need a real window, just pretend.) Panel curtains can actually solve a lot of problems, like unsightly closet doors. Removable wall decals are another non-permanent option.

Unstick the style

We’ll admit that sometimes there are situations that you can’t cover up. In cases like these, you need to unstick the style by adding your own flavor to it. Light fixtures can make a room look dated, but they are fairly easy to replace. Just remember to keep the old fixtures so you can put them back in place before you move! Often, if you are willing to foot the bill, your property manager might even appreciate you making a fixture fix-up.

Before you write off an outdated style, think of ways you can make it retro cool. Are you faced with an avocado green bathtub or appliances? Balance these shades with neutral tones. Try taupe bath towels, kitchen towels and other accessories. If you add enough of a color you like, you’ll barely notice the offender.

Little things matter

Finally, here’s one simple purchase that can make your rental home feel like your happy place: a welcome mat that shows off your style. A personalized, funny orpretty doormat will have a positive impact on everyone who crosses the threshold, including you!


By Amber