Clever Storage Ideas to Create Space in Your Rental Home

Maximize the living space in your rental home by finding creative places to stow your stuff, no matter how limited storage space may be.

Read on for storage ideas to reduce clutter… and help you find a place for everything!

Go under
Even the smallest rental home has spaces underneath things that probably aren’t being used. You can buy shallow, but long, storage boxes for under the bed spaces, for instance: a great solution for storing off-season clothing or bedding. If your bed is too low to fit much underneath, consider bed risers to create more space under there. If necessary, you can add a dust ruffle to camouflage your under-the-bed storage area.

Under the bathroom and kitchen sinks, if you have no shelves or only shallow ones, use crates or bins to organize your family’s items. You can also buy an organizer that will take care of the details for you.

Go up
Space on top of cabinets can serve your home storage needs well. Store small appliances or over-sized serving pieces on top of cabinets or the refrigerator. To keep them dust-free for when you need them, consider investing in slip covers for items like food processors, stand mixers and blenders.

A ceiling rack, with your landlord’s permission, can also be a great space-saver. Hang pots, pans and accessories overhead and they won’t crowd your cabinets.

Go behind
The backs of doors are often wasted real estate, when it comes to rental home storage. Over-the-door solutions can be found as shoe bags, pocket organizers, caddies, towel holders and racks. Over-the-door hooks can hold styling tools, scrub brushes or a multipurpose organizer.

Double duty
Look for furniture with storage options inside. Ottomans are great living room pieces that can also hide blankets, games or exercise equipment. Padded benches make great addition to porches or entryways, providing the perfect spot to pull shoes off and on, as well as storage for boots, umbrellas, sports equipment, hats and gloves.

Hit the wall
Book cases and shelving units provide all kinds of ways to store your things, whether directly on the shelves or within crates and decorative boxes. And removable hooks can be mounted on kitchen walls to hold utensils and dish towels or on closet walls to hold purses, belts and scarves.

Even tight spaces can offer storage you may not have thought of yet. Use every available surface in your effort to stow your stuff… and create more room to live!