Air conditoner tips

A little fact about your Air Conditioner as noted by DR Horton.
Your air conditioning system first removes humidity, them removes the heat from within the home. The more heat and humidity in the home from showers, cooking, and windows not covered with drapes, and activity in the home, the more running time for the air conditioner. As outside temperatures get above 90 degrees, the running time becomes long and off times become short. On 94 degree and higher days, the unit will probably run continuously from late morning until late evening with no stops or almost no stops. This is not bad. This is the design criteria and compared to stop and go city traffic. Short run time for an air conditioner creates stress to the parts and does very little to remove humidity, even in cool air, is uncomfortable.
With your system running continuously it is important to maintain your system. You need to change your filters once a month to keep good air flow going through the system. It also helps to keep all bedroom doors open at least partially to also allow good air flow. Every spring you should also clean the condenser coil (outside unit ) and make sure that tall grass, plastic and shrubs do not interfere with air flow. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way to help you stay cool in the summer.