Addressing Urgent Property Maintenance Requests at Texas Homes Realty

At Texas Homes Realty & Management, our motto has always been “Building Partnerships, One Home At A Time.” We take pride in being the leading real estate agency and property management service in Katy, Texas. However, like any service-driven company, we occasionally encounter challenges.

We’ve recently received urgent service requests concerning toilet maintenance, a non-functional shower, and fence damage. We understand the frustration, especially when these are repeated requests. Our team is dedicated to resolving these issues promptly.

Why the Delay? Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are unexpected delays. It could be due to the availability of specific parts, scheduling conflicts with our repair team, or other unforeseen challenges. We assure our homeowners that every service request is logged, and we prioritize them based on urgency.

Immediate Actions To address the current concerns:

  1. We’ve dispatched a plumbing team to fix the toilet and shower issues in the mentioned property.
  2. Our carpentry team has been informed about the fence damage and will be visiting the property soon.

For our homeowners, we recommend using our service request form for faster response times. And if you’re looking for a reliable property management company to lease your property, consider filling out our property management request.

Remember, at Texas Homes Realty, we don’t just manage properties; we convert empty homes into income, ensuring our owners’ peace of mind.

Texas Homes Realty & Management discusses how we prioritize and tackle urgent property maintenance requests to ensure homeowners' peace of mind.