6 Simple Ways to Welcome Fall Into Your Home

With the new school year starting and the Summer coming to an end we are starting to see all of the Fall decor pop up in the stores! If you are a lover of all things Fall but don’t want to go crazy spending money on decorations you will only have out for a couple months then we have some tips for you! Here are 6 simple ways that you can invite Fall into your home.

  • Keep Things Tidy
    • All of the most adorable decorations in the world won’t feel cozy and inviting if they’re surrounded by clutter. It’s generally better to spend your time tidying up and just put a few decorations out here-and-there than it is to have a ton of items that are partially buried under piles of stuff.
  • Make Your Table A Focal Point
    • A few pretty place mats or a tablecloth along with an autumn centerpiece can go a long way in making the entire kitchen or dining room feel cozy!
  • Bring The Outdoors In
    • Display garden produce.
      Whether you buy a squash at the store or a friend gives you a zucchini from her garden, use those items as decorations until you cook with them!
    • Decorate with leaves, sticks, and pine cones.
      Grab a clear vase and put a few things like pine cones, leaves, acorns, and sticks inside it to display! Better yet, if you have young children at home then put an empty vase or jar on your coffee table and let your kids fill it with the outdoor treasures they find.
  • Hang Your Kids Artwork
    • When your kids make some sort of fall decoration (or even if they just color a pumpkin picture), frame or laminate their work then hang it up! If you don’t have extra frames or a laminator, then simply use tape or sticky tac and tape their masterpiece directly on your wall!
  • Focus On Scent
    • Light a candle.
      Nothing says autumn like a warmly scented candle! It takes two seconds to light and makes a huge difference in the feel of the room!
      Use your crock pot.
      Sure, you can make chili or spaghetti sauce on the stove. But if you put the same ingredients in the crock pot in the morning, your house will smell amazing all day long!
      Bake something.
      Whether you make muffins from scratch or use prepackaged cookie dough, putting something sweet in the oven will invite everyone to gather around and enjoy the warm coziness together.
  • Serve A Warm Beverage
    • Even if you don’t do anything else on this list, heating up water or milk for hot chocolate or hot tea can help make everyone in your home feel relaxed and welcome, including yourself! So after a long day, dim the lights, pass around the hot beverages, and prop your feet up for a few minutes as you take a few minutes to relax and unwind.

We hope that these few tips can help you with getting your home ready for the Fall season without breaking the bank! Happy Decorating!

P.S. Dollar Tree has some cute little decorations that are cheap!

Thank you to Davonne Parks for the great article and tips. http://www.davonneparks.com/fall-decorating/